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рулетка твистера со звуком онлайн

Рулетка твистера со звуком онлайн

Alan ChinIn the fall of 1996, photographer Alan Chin documented the early days of Taliban rule реальная онлайн казино Afghanistan.

Now that the Taliban has returned to power, Chin revisits the trip - 25 years later - and the images he captured. In the autumn of 1996, Рулетка твистера со звуком онлайн received an assignment from The New York Times to go to Afghanistan to cover how a little-known (in the West, anyway) fundamentalist group called the Taliban had taken Kabul, the Afghan capital.

This week - 25 years later - I watched from afar as the Taliban again claimed victory.

Then, like now, the Taliban conquered most of the country with almost no resistance, as most of the armies arrayed against it slowly defected, retreated, surrendered, or simply disappeared. Back then, Afghanistan had been рулетка твистера со звуком онлайн by a vicious civil war since 1989, when the Soviet Union withdrew its forces рулетка твистера со звуком онлайн the United States cut off aid to the anti-Soviet mujahideen.

Out of that vacuum, the Taliban formed, and it promised to end the corruption that was endemic to the игры онлайн в выводом денег fracturing the country.

I knew little of that at the time. I was a young photographer cutting my teeth in postwar Bosnia.

Over 48 hours, I flew from Zagreb, Croatia, to London to Peshawar, Pakistan, where Рулетка твистера со звуком онлайн was told to expect a call from the International Committee of the Red Cross, which was still making flights in and out of Kabul. So in that pre-cellphone era, I stayed in my hotel room binge-watching Bollywood videos on satellite TV until the phone rang. When the рулетка твистера со звуком онлайн came, we set off in a small twin-engine propeller plane, with perhaps 12 passengers.

This игра на деньги марафон, they said, would reduce the danger from anybody shooting at the airplane.

The Kabul airport was a grim testament to decades of war.

Wrecked helicopters, airplanes, military radar units, and anti-aircraft guns were on their sides, all riddled with bullet holes. An Ariana Airlines jetliner was parked on the tarmac, but when I looked closely, I saw that pieces of it had been blown off by a rocket attack.

The terminal building was without electricity, and it was almost surprising to have my passport stamped in the near darkness. But the white flag was, and still рулетка твистера со звуком онлайн, a Taliban banner.

Kabul in 1996 was a city with entire square blocks of shattered buildings, reminiscent of photographs of bombed cities from World War II, of Grozny in Chechnya - much worse than Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, игра про птичек на деньги I was coming from.

The destruction рулетка твистера со звуком онлайн occurred not from battle involving the Taliban or the Soviets, but between rival mujahideen factions that had shelled the city ruthlessly upon falling out with one another. There were few women on the рулетка твистера со звуком онлайн, and those few were covered head to toe in burqas.

When I went to the Foreign Ministry to register as a journalist, Taliban soldiers wandered through the halls and offices, seemingly in awe of their own spectacular achievement. Many were bedecked with flowers, a discordant sight next to their automatic weapons.]



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Рулетка твистера со звуком онлайн



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